Thursday, 11 September 2008

Fat and sassy Murphy Brown...

I went out into the pasture a week and a half ago and took some more photos of Murphy and his mates. Murph looks fat.fluffy and super healthy. He is getting tall too! He's even grown a bit since I took these. Anyhow, here they are for your viewing pleasure:

Murphy and his mum (Honey)...

Cutie pie...

Hangin' with the posse...


Murphy close up...

Fluffy(not so fluffy at the moment) and I think that's Chantal behind him...

Okay so that's three posts today! Sorry about the size and quality of these images, but there were so many...and I still have the dial-up blues.

Hope you had fun! I'll try and post once more near the end of September with an update in the spinning/knitting and tapestry departments!

Ciao for Now.

Boreal Mixed Media Arts Jam 2008

This year's Boreal Mixed Media Arts Jam was a huge success! I taught a tapestry weaving drop-in workshop over the course of two days. Just the basics and a whole lot of experimenting with texture and color! Here are a few action shots:

Everybody did something different and it was such a treat to wander around the table and see so many discoveries being made! Thanks to all the folks who came and joined us at the Boreal Jam!

Hearts off the Charts!

Blueberry Festival 2008

Hello! Here's a picture post of my booth at the blueberry festival! I was the hat lady this year. If you see anything you like or if you have questions you can e-mail me at:!
Newsboy caps:

Fair Isle baby toques:
Two-tassel piggy tail hats:

Peruvian stripey hats:

Cheers and Beers!