Friday, 16 July 2010

Summer Projects

Hello Jellos!

I finished designing my second rug and have transferred the pattern over to some burlap I had left over from my college days. The edges are all re-enforced, and I spent some time last night cutting up some darker wool, so I can begin on my ravens and text. Voila! Ravens!

The text that is written on the burlap will be in dark wool, except where the Ravens have picked up a letter or two in their beaks, then a lighter shadow letter will remain for what I'm hoping will create a sun-bleached effect. I also plan to insert some lighter colours that will partially blend with the rest of the background, adding some depth and interest to the negative space. The text is just words or phrases that frequently pop up in journals I've kept over the years. Here are a few details:

Also, I finished off a few pencil portraits as gifts for family this month. I am super happy with how they turned out! Haven't lost the knack! :D

This is a portrait of my mother and father in law, their children and grandchild (our little William). This was an anniversary gift:

I found a really good photograph of each person separately, then married them all into one polished drawing. This is one of my best portraits ever!

And here is a little 5" x 7" portrait of our son William, that I made for Great Grandma's birthday.

I will try and post again once I''m back from my vacation, and have made some progress on the rug hooking front!

Cheers n' Beers!