Monday, 22 November 2010

The Last of the Inkle Jewelry!

Hello Jellos!

I'm feeling much better now that the deadline has come and gone. We had so many beautiful submissions. I can't wait for the sale! Slowly the crazy-meter is dropping in this house. I got so much done I just feel on top of the world. These are the items I made between the last post and this past Saturday.

Some inkle bracelets decorated with fringes, picots or crochet scallops:

A set of teal/brown/cream chokers and cuffs:

And (my favorite) the high contrast black and ivory:

I adore anything Tim Burton. My best friend told me they were very Helena Bonham Carter. Here's a photo of her I found on

She's pretty rad (both HBC and my best friend).

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Inkle Jewelry Frenzy!

Hello everyone! Just a quick post with pictures of the recent creations! 6 days left until the deadline!

Peach and brown/caramel lace cuffs with three different matching chokers:

Pink and brown with cream. Three chokers:

And a strange set of bright red and purple chokers, with one matching cuff that was the trial cuff:

Thanks for dropping by! I usually ramble off on in my posts but I am in a crafting tizzy!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

SSWG Annual Sale Poster

For anyone local who might be interested the Sasktoon Spinners and Weavers Guild is having their annual Sale on November 27th. There will also be demonstrations taking place throughout the day. I will be taking along a couple of my inkle looms threaded up for plain weave and pick-up.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, 7 November 2010



Hello Jellos!

My posts on this blog have been pretty sparse lately, but that is because I am sooo busy getting some projects done for the Guild Sale at the end of November. There aren't enough hours in my day to finish all the things I want to have available for sale. I'm really looking forward to the event and I keep joking around with my hubby that I am going to make my fortune. :P

Okay without further ado I give you....PICTURES!

Progress on the rug hooking front has been pretty slow. Between the Sale and Christmas presents this has really hit the back burner. But the elevator portion is complete and it looks pretty awesome !

And I finally brought my floor loom out and set it up! Yay! First time on it. It needed a little TLC, but I managed to find the hardware it was missing, and get some new twine on the aprons. I have very little in the way of "nice" fibre in my stash. It's mostly dishcloth and crochet cotton and acrylic/unidentified synthetic blends. I wove up this warp I had dyed back in my college days. The warp is dishcloth cotton, and the weft is a slime green acrylic fauxhair. I tie dyed the warp in an over-dye, so it looks sort of like Ikat painted warp!

And a couple inkle bracelets. I'll hopefully have at least 20 of these bad boys ready for the sale in all different colours. I'm contemplating adding button/crochet flower accents on some of the plainer ones.

AND here are the projects I'm REALLLLY excited about!

These chokers were made on the inkle loom (I can fit about 4 per threading or 3 chokers & 2 bracelets). I wove picots in for a length at the front of the necklace, and then used the loops to pick up and crochet a little lace trim. From the trim I attached these medallions I've been working on. They are crocheted around thin bangle bracelets. I suspended little motifs kind of like snowflakes or suspended buttons with crochet chains and un-worked cotton in a spiderweb/dream catcher effect.

I'm so thrilled! I love that these materialized pretty much exactly how I envisioned them! I've had to do very little troubleshooting. Each one is totally unique and intuitive. No pattern for making the same choker twice, though I have incorporated aspects from various free online patterns for crochet motifs and borders.

Button web:

Sage flower with snowflake:

Yellow flower medallion with lacy leaf accents:

Okay back to work!!