Thursday, 27 March 2008

Loose ends...

In weaving...

These are two scarves I finished weaving yesterday. They are 100% acrylic (yeck!) but it seems i have an abundance of the stuff, so my goal is to weave up about ten or twenty of them for the festival.

I can price them affordably, and they are a bit more user friendly than wool, silk etc. These two wove up too stiffly, so I have some problem solving to do before I start the next two.

In tapestry...

Here is the tapestry I wove up on the little picture frame. I found out on Easter weekend that I was one of the facilitators selected to teach at this year's Boreal Jam so I have to get cracking on my handouts, samplers and looms.

And here is the next one I started (of some crocus type flowers). I have a cartoon drawn for the third one, a whirlpool, which will play more with color and texture.

In knitting...

I started knitting this hat out of Hand painted 100% silk (the ball on the right) but it wasn't the correct diameter along so I combined it with three strands of silk/wool blend, each a slightly different blue. I apologize if the pictures are too dark. My monitor is darkening which has caused me to edit photos to appear lighter than they should on everyone else's monitor, so I have stopped editing them to look good on my monitor. Time for a new monitor!

And in spinning...

This is a hand dyed 50% silk/50% merino sliver I picked up at the Creative Stitches show this year. I also bought the little spindle so I could spin a finer singles. I am spinning it into two ply which I hope to use as part of the warp/weft in a scarf later on.

It is very fine, and apparently, although I tried very hard to put tons of twist into the singles, I still wound up with very scant twist per inch. I still have so much to learn. Oh well at least even with the botches I can make pretty things!

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Quick pictureless update...

I assure you I am still alive and crafting. :)

It's been a very busy month for me, what with the three week vacation to Kamloops, friends traveling through my neck of the woods from far off places, and my trip to the Creative Stitches conference in Edmonton, but I plan to post some pictures of the silk/merino hand spinning I have been working on, as well as a very pretty hat I have been knitting out of silk and silk/wool blend. Plus I have been working at my table loom and hope to have three scarves done by the beginning of April, so I promise that before the close of the month there will be a picture update!

Happy Easter everybody!
Hearts off the charts,