Sunday, 23 March 2008

Quick pictureless update...

I assure you I am still alive and crafting. :)

It's been a very busy month for me, what with the three week vacation to Kamloops, friends traveling through my neck of the woods from far off places, and my trip to the Creative Stitches conference in Edmonton, but I plan to post some pictures of the silk/merino hand spinning I have been working on, as well as a very pretty hat I have been knitting out of silk and silk/wool blend. Plus I have been working at my table loom and hope to have three scarves done by the beginning of April, so I promise that before the close of the month there will be a picture update!

Happy Easter everybody!
Hearts off the charts,


Sarah K said...

I am excited for pictures!

JQ said...

I want to get a bit more accomplished on the hat and scarves before I post images. But I think you will like them. Having a bit of trouble deciphering the lace pattern for the hat, but I think by the end of today I will have figured out all the stitches.

Sarah K said...

rock on!

The strap for Mr. B is coming along slowly. There are lots of mistakes in it, but I can at least say that I am learning from the majority of them.