Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Tapestry or not to tapestry....

Well I was thrilled to begin weaving a small tapestry yesterday, using a cheap picture frame, and some scrap yarns. Of course, there are a few things to remember, like leaving enough space at the top of the warp for manipulating the threads, so the tapestry can't be too big. Since the workshop is only really a day long, and for most it will be a first time endeavor, it makes sense to keep them small. I have managed to work out satisfactory threading/tensioning, and the tapestry seems to be weaving up evenly. This means that my Boreal Jam workshop proposal is a go, and I will also be applying to teach a 75 hour workshop next fall for SWAAC (for which I will likely build some sturdier frames, perhaps even copper pipe looms)

Because time is limited at the Jam, I will have the picture frames all threaded, tensioned, and twined. This will allow for maximum weaving time, and for me to show some nifty techniques (for which I will have to refer back to my college notes, as I have only really chosen to use a few of them in my own work so far). I will provide detailed handouts on the threading and tensioning, and of course, my business card in case anybody is inclined towards a more in depth lesson!

After all the Boreal Jam is about the creation of the art, and is supposed to be FUN as well as informative, so we will cut to the chase and get folks hooked before we bombard them with threading, tensioning and twining. :)

My picture frame loom in action:
I like playing with color. I like graphic designs, and so far I don't do much work with shading, but I do enjoy combining threads of different color, texture and values. it is fun to see how they weave up, and what they look like next to other mixtures. For me the best thing about tapestry is that I have so many options to play with. I will never be done trying new things.

I am so happy to pick up tapestry again. Its been three years since I last wove anything. This little picture frame concept really appeals to me because, unlike my big Gobelin, I can take this with me when I go visiting etc. I love portable projects. :) I sacrifice size for portability in these picture frame looms, but I still love weaving big, and have a plan to start something very major(and ginormous) on my Gobelin this summer. I already have a concept in mind that should force me to experiment with techniques other than the ones I used in my grad work. It is something I think my mom will LOVE. :)

Sarah Sarah are gonna love this. Shall I teach you when I come? It would be such excellent practice for my workshop. :)

Oh! Here is a picture of a pile of inkle shoelaces, that I have been mass producing on the Cendrel replica my dad built for me.
Cheers n Beers!


Sarah K said...


Along with drop spindling.

AND I have a bunch of inkle projects I want to do [at least one of which needs to be done by MissedMas, a pair of shoe laces for Grimsby].

ALSO I was thinking we could put together grab bags or something so that everyone who shows up for MissedMas can leave with something. And besides, grab bags are super fun.

AND I apparently like starting sentences with caps today.

JQ said...

Okay. *L* My bags are gonna be full up with stuff! :) My drop spindles are both currently occupied. I will see about a CD drop spindle for you.

Also I am having trouble finding those card weaving patterns :(

Grab bags are fun. What did you have in mind? Should we go dollar store shopping?

Sarah K said...

I think dollar store shopping, and maybe if there are simple things we can make? Ideas? We could make some candies or something too.

We can probably find the means to make the tapestry looms here, unless there are power tools involved.

JQ said...
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