Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Strapped for time...

So sorry I haven't made a post in awhile. Crazy month! My parents are coming to visit from the Yukon and I need to get my house in some semblance of order, and have been frantically prepping for my Beginner's inkle weaving workshop at the end of the month. I want to have plenty of samples (as in completed projects so people get ideas for how to use their inkles) and, of course, detailed handouts to take home with them on threading, pattern drafting, and also a couple assembly ideas fro guitar straps, since the majority of people taking the class are interested in that project. Has anyone got a suggestion where I might find bulk hardware at LEAST 2.5 inches wide? I need to be able to order it online.

...or perhaps suggestions on alternate assembly? I seem to be having a block, likely because I've been so busy with the logistics of the workshop itself. We are building ten inkle looms this Wednesday, for use in the class and it's been troubleshooting the whole way. Once again a fairly steep learning curve for me. I am realizing all the things I never got taught in college!

I really want this workshop to be a comprehensive and enjoyable one for the participants. I guess I'll just have to do my best and explain to everyone that this is only my second workshop, and the first fibre related one. :) I definitely want to start building a reputation as being a good instructor, so that in the future when I build my big studio, and start advertising workshops people won't hesitate to sign up!

Okay I must sign off for now and get to work!
Hearts off the charts!


Sarah Kimberly said...

I will think about hardware suppliers for you, or alternate ideas.

Sounds like busy busy busy! I hope the workshop goes well [I have faith that it will]. I'm sure you'll let us readerly type people know when the time is appropriate. :)

JQ said...

Thanks Sarah :)

One step at a time. Building as many looms as possible today. Finishing a few sample projects to show off tomorrow. Will post pics of those asap.

Also...found a drum carder for 200$. going to go take a peek today if the lady is home. She says she would be keen to trade for product so we'll see!

Sarah Kimberly said...

Oooh lala! Niftyness.

I don't actually know what a drum carder is.

I still haven't stopped to think about the supplies. Haven't forgotten though.