Saturday, 10 May 2008

Funny lookin bunch...

Well here are some pictures of the defluffed alpacas. They are all legs and necks. It's awesome and it makes me chuckle over my morning coffee every day. Fluffy is the most curious one. If there is a head in the immediate foreground, chances are its Fluffy.

Group shot! Got four out of five. On the left is Chantal, then MacFluff, then Airo, and Thunder behind him.

Oh Fluffy. MacFluff. He's all like "mmmchop?


This one below is Honey. She stands so dainty compared to the others. We are currently unsure as to her pregnancy. Apparently she has fooled the previous owners every time. Last time the lady had just mentioned to her husband that they should do a preg check on her cause she couldn't feel a baby in her belly, and the next day she popped out a little cria. So we are going to be prepared for it. She'll be due near the end of June.

And my silly muttski just can't stand it when I pay too much attention to the Alpacas, so today when I was taking the photos he made a big fuss, whining and groaning and showing me his belly, until I finally gave him some TLC.

Here is a shot of the juice mix dye work that I got up to after shearing last week. I like it because its quick and easy. I purposefully made the dyes weaker so that I could get some baby colors. Remember, I am gonna be an auntie in November!

Also, I got two books in the mail from Amazon the other day. One of them is about start to finish spinning, and I have already gleaned a ton of info out of it, just from scanning the pages. For instance I found out that I can use some local plant life as blending fibre, like cattail fluff, and thistle down. I CAN'T wait to collect some! I think I'll have to wait until fall for both.

Okay well that's it for now! Scroll down to see my tapestry cartoons...
Hearts off the charts,


Naomi said...

I love, love, loooooooooove that peachy pinky colour in the foreground. I LOVE it!! And your pups is awefully cute.

Naomi said...

I love, love, loooooooooove that peachy pinky colour in the foreground. I LOVE it!! And your pups is awefully cute.

Becks said...

ohhhh baby alpacas! How do you tell them all apart?

JQ said...

heehee! It's weird but after awhile you get to know the tiny physical quirks of each one. Chantal has a lot of whispies coming out of her ears and around her eyes. Airo is the darkest peachy color. You totally can tell fluffy apart from the rest when he is all fleecy. For now I know him by a scratch he got on his nose while he was jostling for position at the manger one day. Honey is super dainty compared to the rest. she looks very feminine.And I call thunder uglybutt. He seems to me to be the funniest looking one.