Friday, 1 August 2008

Another update

Sorry folks! Still no pictures to show off.

I am super busy getting product made for the Blueberry festival in three weeks as well as preparing some tapestry samplers and frame looms for the workshop I am putting on at this year's Boreal Mixed Media Jam. There will definitely be a few picture posts made in September once all the manic panic dies down.

Things are happy in Murphy land. He is now out in the pasture with his mum and all the rest of the alpacas, and I have stopped trying to force him to take the bottle. He is gaining weight and growing softer and fluffier by the minute. I will try to get over to the pasture to take some photos now that we finally have some more batteries in this house!

I have been picking Saskatoon berries like crazy out here. They are just dripping off the branches and hanging in clusters like grapes. Some of them are as big and purple as blueberries. It's bowlfuls of happiness. :)

Also we just finished making about 140 lbs of sausage with homegrown beef garlic, salt and pepper. Pops in law even smoked some of it and I haven't had a chance to try it yet but I hear it's super good. September with be time to butcher chickens. Yick. My favorite time of year. Plus we'll have to start thinking about what to do with all the produce from the garden. I don't really know where we are going to come up with all this freezer space!

Anyway, August is a busy month so I may not get around to making a post again until Sept rolls around, but in the meantime I wish everyone a fantastic summer.

Cheers n Beers!

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