Monday, 1 June 2009

Self Portrait

This 6"x 6" tapestry is a self portrait I wove for a member's show at Chapel Gallery in Battleford. It was a super fun project and I actually have three or four more of them planned, the same size, but with different bright colors, and textures. I am calling them my "True Colours".

On a separate and exciting note I just found out today that a lady from Ontario purchased my "Break Free" tapestry from the Flatland Fibre "off The Wall" show. It was on display for the month of May! "Break Free" is the first tapestry pictured in the entry below. It sold for 750$ Canadian. WEEEE! That is the first tapestry I have sold through a gallery show!

Alright this entry is short and sweet as I am busy madly cleaning my house, doing laundry, making supper, and waiting to feel my first contraction!

Hearts off the charts!

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