Friday, 10 September 2010

Basic chunky mittens...

Greetings Jellybeans!

Well the weather is dreary and cold and wet. It's time to embrace the fact that another cold Saskatchewan winter is just around the bend.

So to cheer myself up I put some potato & leek soup on the stove to simmer, and pulled out the knitting needles. :)

This is the first pair of mittens that I knit up using my wool from the dye-athlon last week. The very first colour I dyed I was going for dark brown and wound up with a lovely rose-brown, that is quite mottled because I am terrible for not fully reading instructions before tackling a project. :P Oh well I was on better behavior with the rest of the batches.

Here's a detail of the cuff:

I used a little bit of navajo ply hand-spun that I've been working on sporadically over the past year. The roving I purchased was called "skittles" and contains fuchsia, purple, orange, and emerald green. It will make a perfect accent for many of the colours.

And these are the mittens my sister in law brought back from Finland. I based my pattern off them. But the Finland mittens are so soft and fuzzy compared to my sywash type mitts.

Next up I have my pumpkin orange all balled up and waiting to become mittens too.

Because the yarn is so chunky these knit up super fast! They are done on 5.5/6.5 DPN and are only 21 stitches around. It's dreamy! Each skein will average on full pair of mittens and leave a bit for a few stripey pairs later.

Hearts off the Charts!

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Sarah K said...

So pretty! And I love the detail work on the cuffs :)