Friday, 24 February 2012


I was on the phone with my auntie, and she said someone posted a link to my blog online and that my DIY cardboard box inkle loom was quite popular! When I checked my stats today, HOLY MOLY!

COOL BEANS my inkle loom is on Pinterest! I only recently signed up on Pinterest and it is just a teeeeeny bit addictive. You basically pin links to all the things you saw that you loved online, and if you click on the images later it takes you right back to the source. So it's like a groovy visual bookmark.

Okay enough capslock for now. I was just so excited! Thank you to everyone who has visited, and definitely thank you if you gave this a try!

In other news for the past 2 months I have been up to my ears in crafty stuff. So thoroughly that I've been neglecting to make my usual updates. This changes now. :)

Speaking of addictive internet things. YouTube is SO my friend right now. I've found so many cool and informative videos for chain mail jewelry, spinning art yarns, weaving etc, and it's made me so excited to TRY ALL THE THINGS. Oh..did I say I'd stop it with the Caps? oopsie.

Yep. This manic vibe your getting? That is actually a regular February thing for me. I assure you, I am crafting with the same intensity and attention deficit-ness as I am typing.

Okay here are a few images of what's been going down in HeartsonFibre town.

Chain Mail is SO much fun. I wish I had better tools, and a better knowledge of metals and strength etc. Nevertheless the things I have been able to create have been super exciting even though they may not be of marketable quality. They are nice enough that I can enjoy wearing them.

This one is sort of a chain mail lace collar:

And I call this one Blue Goddess. Made for a friend. The arms of the goddess stretch up around her neck:

My camera is still dying slowly. but I got one half decent shot of this emerald green one. it is salvaged from a bunch of fine chain necklaces found at a flea market, and the beads are recycled from some long beaded necklaces I found at Salvation Army.

I call this one my bleeding heart:

And wouldn't you know the cleanest pic my camera took was this close up:

These Scale Mail flower pendants are fun to make, and look great! Make them in any colour!

All the rings and scales I used to make these pieces of jewelry were ordered from this totally amazing local shop called The Ring Lord. Check it out! There are some great videos on the process of creating the rings and the armor, and there's a really wide selection of metals and colours!

I don't know if you remember but last summer I emailed a lovely lady regarding some ugly batts for spinning. Well her and her husband run a Parrot rescue in Iowa, and when she sent me the batts she included a few beautiful Parrot feathers! They sat and sat because I really wanted to make something lovely with them. Well I chose two and worked them into this set of chain mail earrings:

Thank you again, Abi for the batts and the feathers! I'm still thinking on how to use the others!

Soooo, I'll leave off here, but rest assured there will be a post soon with all the spinning and weaving updates. My next tutorial on making string heddles for your DIY loom, threading it up and weaving a project will be up shortly as well!




Gottwinkies said...

YAY!!! Good Job on the stats and WOWOMG on your jewelry! I had no idea...just thought you were into fiber arts/weaving/spinning etc. You are an amazing artist!I do love Pinterest! I am pretty free about pinning amazing blog pics, I am glad someone posted your loom, becasue it rocks!

Anita said...

You're famous. :) The jewelry is amazing, I've always been interested in chainmail but haven't done anything with that. You've taken it and run and it's all beautiful.

JQ said...

Thank you both! Now I need to get my butt back over to that nail blog and update! :P

Yeah I had a 2 month chain mail obsession, and am now back on track with tapestry, and a little spinning and dye work on the side. I just can't seem to sit still!

<3 Thank you for visiting gals!