Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Finally an update!

Hello everybody! Wow have things ever been busy around here! We had a big move to our very first house, and little William has been a busy bee learning how to crawl and pull up on furniture and even climb stairs. He's just 7 months old! Anyway, when I wasn't busy chasing him around the house, feeding him, doing ubertons of laundry, and trying to keep our new place generally tidy I did manage to find iotas of time here and there for artsy crafty business. I filled out an order of newsboy caps to ship to the Yukon. I threaded up a tapestry frame loom for a future miniature project. I also did a few t-shirt alterations inspired by a book called Generation T.

Here are some little amigurumi critters I was working on for Christmas presents:

And this is the beginning of a little inkle purse I am weaving. well it won't be entirely inkle woven. The main body of the purse is going to be woven on my four harness table loom.

And I just have to post a few Christmas pictures of my little man,who is growing up sooo fast!

I am considering switching gears for awhile and getting some drawing and painting done, but I will continue to post my progress in whatever I decide to do here, being as it is a great way to keep friends and family posted.

Cheers n beers!


Sarah K said...

I love that dragon! And Amigurumi knitting Cthulhu! And that little adorable manchild of yours!

Lisa said...

Hey JQ, thanks for posting the pretty pics!

Also, I came across a time management thing I thought you might be interested in (along the lines of writeordie. It's called the Pomodoro Technique. All you need is a kitchen timer and some paper and pen. More here > http://www.pomodorotechnique.com/