Thursday, 15 April 2010

I got a new Camera!

So I can actually take really nice photos of the work I've been doing.
And I have been working. Honest.
Currently am putting together another inkle woven handbag for the Saskatoon Spinner's and Weaver's Guild Open House in May. also am finishing up a small tapestry, and I totally want to post images of these, but the new camera was given to me by my dad and he forgot to send the cord with it, and since I don't have a card reader...

But I do have this pic I took sometime around New Year's Day of the little blue woman I crocheted. She was an experiment in increases and decreases, and was made without a pattern. I purposefully didn't keep a record of the pattern because I wanted her to be spontaneous and original. She sparked some concepts for larger sculptural crochet projects. I'm a little shy to show her off but I really love her. Sorry this was obviously taken with my old junk camera. She's a bit fuzzy.

I promise I'll be back to post wonderful new pics as soon as I get either the cord or a card reader!



Kim said...

I love her. She seems so excessively feminine. Just wonderful.

The exaggerated lips are amazing.

Sarah K said...

She is pretty incredible! Very nice.

I find her lack of belly button strange.

I find my having noticed her lack of belly button stranger.

JQ said...

:) that is strange.