Monday, 26 April 2010

In preparation for the SSWG Open House on May 1st, I have been threading up all my beautiful inkle looms my father built for me.

With plain patterns:

And Pick-up patterns (I'm still not sure I'm doing this one right):

Pick-ups are new territory for me. I have been content just mucking with colour and contrast using plain weave patterns. But now that I have finally grasped this basket weave threading, and figured out how to properly pick up the threads...I could be hooked. :)

This is some lettering and diamond shapes. I went totally 80's with my colour choices on this one. :P I know I had something in these colours back in grade school and for the life of me I can't remember what. The majority of the band is in mercerized cotton size 20 crochet thread. The black of the patterning is 100% wool. A four-ply I had stashed.

My best girlfriend arrives from Kamloops on wednesday, so I am trying to get as much of this stuff organized by then, so that we have time to relax before the Open House on Saturday. I am hoping she will just dive right in and make some creative projects with me. I really miss that! Also, I can't wait to break out the crib board and that dusty old Scrabble set.



Kim said...

I love those looms. He made those?? Has he thought about doing that professionally?

These are really neat. I definitely feel the 80s vibe. Made me think of Threadbanger's Fame Bag which would definitely rock the thingers.

JQ said...

That was fun to watch. :)

Dad just loves to keep busy doing that stuff but, like me, he seems to be content with gifting the things he makes. He figures they would be too expensive for people to want to buy. They took him quite a bit of time and he made them out of maple and walnut.

I love them to the nth.

Lisa said...

Nice pics.

Good luck with your open house on Saturday - I bet it'll go well for you!

bspinner said...

You are so right when you said your inkle looms were beautiful. They sure are and is all your weaving on them.