Friday, 21 May 2010

Greetings and happy May long everyone!

Here are a few shots of an 8 1/2" by 11" tapestry I've been working on. It began as a cabbage but it...evolved. :p Most of my current work seems to be exploring the visceral, biological, and the magical. I see flashes of neurons firing, electrical impulses, ovaries or a womb, sinew, nerve endings, fields folds flesh, femininity.

Come closer...

See how she sparkles?

I n other news a very nice lady from the rug hooker's group here in town paid for my membership in return for some design help, and I am super excited to be exploring a new path. I know, I know! I have too much on the go already but I've wanted to try this for a long time! This is my very first sampler. It was given to me by another lovely lady in the group, and had a nice simple design for me to practice on. As I am sure many have said before, I'm hooked!

I am spending this afternoon designing my first rug pattern, and I dug through some fabric in my basement and found some purple, green and tan stuff that looks and feels like wool, and I hear you can use anything you want if it's a rug meant for display, so I dug out some wool yarn too. I will be buying a piece of linen burlap-type fabric this week from the group and by next weekend I hope to have transferred my pattern and cut up enough strips of wool to begin working!


And I call this my temporary lapse into OCD.

Those cardboard tubes inside the crochet cotton balls? TOO MUCH space wasted. And I had sooo many of them, a lot in the same colours. So I went into manic panic and spent two weeks straight just balling up crochet thread.

GO ME! But it looks so pretty and organized, and I can't believe how much space I have now. To fill with Rug hooking supplies! *giggles*

And I still don't have a card reader or cord for that lovely camera my dad left for me. But the hubby is downtown today and says he'll pick one up so the next pictures of my dainty little inkle jewelery will be much clearer. These are five different bracelet designs I wove up on the same threading. I was just experimenting and a few of them came out a bit short so they'll have to be scalloped bookmarks, but they look pretty and feel soft and comfortable on my skin. The bracelet at the top (yes I put it on a baby bottle :P ) is my favorite and was based on a neat waxed linen bracelet that a friend of mine showed me. Again, I wish I had a close up, but that will have to wait until next time. I am currently threading up a loom for a nice brown, gold and aqua design.

Cheers and beers for this long weekend everyone!
Eat, swim, be merry!


Sarah K said...

I'm a little bit in love with those bracelets. <3

JQ said...

feel free to be inspired by them! I'll bet they would look nice on the shelf at your work! :)

Lisa said...

I love your tapestry! And the bracelets are cute!

JQ said...

Thanks Lisa!