Friday, 21 May 2010

Bracelets Galore Part 1

Here is that blue and brown threading I was talking about.

I am using brown upholstery thread for the stabilizer weft, and three strands of crochet thread, one each of the browns used in the warp. I wove with just the stabilizer for an inch at each end, which I will then unravel to where the picots start. I will then sew the unraveled weft thread into the weave backwards to secure it so the fringe wont unravel any further. Then I will cut the fringe to the desired length and shape. I have made the picots super long and then gathered them on each side with a large jump ring, which I will then attach the closure to once I am finished weaving up the rest of the bracelets and have taken everything off. This threading should do five or six bracelets. I'll do one with velvety blue fringe at the edges, one with little picots, and one where the picots actually get longer and shorter again to form scallops.

I found the neat pink and orange yarn bobbins at a store here in town. The orange bobbin should work nicely as a beater/shuttle for those wide brocade concepts my crazy friend has planned. I know you know who you are. :p


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