Friday, 18 February 2011

Day 7

I've reached 1/3 of the way! I'm imagining my very own team of arts and crafts cheerleaders in knit halter tops and short shorts with knee high rainbow stripe as you go socks waving yarn pompoms. RAH RAH RAH! This is normal. I get anywhere near the halfway mark on a tapestry and my brain explodes. BUT YAY!

And here's a few details left, right and center:

I'm finding all kinds of keywords as I weave all the intuitive details. Insect legs, bone, tendons, sinew, lace, relic, artifact, dancing figures, genitalia, ovaries- the list goes on and on. My mind and fingertips discover this tenuous balance between control and intuition. I meticulously place each strand of silk in coils around built up areas of cotton, but there isn't a plan; I am learning a strange new dance with no steps.

And in other crafting news I have a hairpin lace project in the works and I wanted to share a couple pics of that with you too:

These were my first two bits of hairpin lace ever. I hope I made them long enough, but I intend to stretch the lace out between three separate inkles (seen below). I hope the end result will be a dressy loopy scarf. :) If it works I plan to bust off a bunch and use up a lot of my old stash of wacky synthetic fibers. I think they would make some really unique novelty scarves!

And in other other news I dyed some alpaca fleece with food coloring (and I made some batts but no pics of those yet)

I picked up the rest of the wool that I've had on layaway since before Christmas! Thank You again M! I CAN'T WAIT to play!

And I have one progress picture of that elevator rug. Remember that? :P I have it back out and got into the color above the horizon line. I'm more excited about it now! I won't have it ready in time for the rug show but that's okay!

Can anyone else sense my manic panic? Hooray for February. I think the overabundance of exclamation points probably gave it away. :P

later gaters!



Sarah K said...

You certainly have been busy! I'm tired just reading this :P

Anita said...

Holy cow woman, you're amazing. I'll jump up and down doing the rah rah part but you'll thank me for declining the halter top and short shorts. :D
Everything is so beautiful. I'm not worthy! *on knees bowing*

Lisa said...

As soon as I looked at your tapestery, I thought it looked like forms dancing. So cool. I love reading about your process.