Sunday, 6 February 2011

Progress Update and a Few Fun Side Projects

Greetings Jellybeans!

Here's my Dimensions 2011 Tapestry update:

The cartoon was created by Rorschach technique using cream colored craft paint straight from the bottle. I then outlined the shapes in pencil.

This first photos is from day two, day one being the dragging up of loom and re-threading it etc. I spent a lot of time deciding on how-and with what-I was going to weave the project. I find tapestry to be highly pre-meditative, considering that once you commit to a colour scheme it is very difficult to change it later. So after much sitting and thinking and winding butterflies of yarn and comparing them side by side I discarded all the coloured yarns, opting for a dark oatmeal wool yarn (still greasy) for the background and some cream colored Clea crochet thread and white silk thrums for the Rorschach pattern.

I decided I would put all my energy into incorporating elaborate textures and patterns with the shiny silk. The effect is somewhat lacy and fossil-like. I like the bone reference A LOT.

I'm not going to share all the details of where I am taking this. I think it will be fun to share it with you as it progresses. Besides the work has already taken on a life of it's own; It's evolving into something completely different from what I had originally intended. here are a few more detail shots of the end of day 3.

And in other news I participated in a wonderful wet felting workshop with my fellow guild members last weekend. We made slippers and mine are sized to hopefully fit my little boy sometime next year. I can always felt them down to fit a bit better later. Here they are!

I spun a bunch of yarn just after Christmas. The green is a light and fluffy merino that's had a stretching process to make the fibres really silky. I spun that on my drop spindle (2 ply) and the navy is to go with it. 225 grams done on my wheel in more of a worsted method(also 2 ply).

Okay that was a lot of photos again! Hope you enjoyed them.
I hope to be back again soon with another progress update and some inkle bracelets with antique buttons.

Later gaters!


Sarah K said...

I am totally digging the subtle detail work in the white bits of the tapestry. Very cool!

JQ said...

Thanks! It's a really neat effect and I think it will really come together as the weaving progresses.

Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

I love the little slippers!! they look really nice. Also the yarn is amazing looking.

Anita said...

I adore the different textures you're getting, weaving fascinates me, maybe some day I'll get the chance to try my hand at it. The slippers are too cute and those yarn colors...Yummy!