Friday, 8 April 2011

Leviathan Day 13 (29 hours)

Hello and happy Friday everybody!

This week weaving has been a little slower, but save for a two day break, I managed to put an hour in a day. This is the way she looks after 29 hours of weaving:

I'm using a knot called soumac (that is used a lot in rugs) to add texture. Here is a diagram I found*:

I'm usually looping around every warp thread. This is a diagram of how the knot is used in rug construction.

You can see where I used black in the shaded areas how it sits along the surface. I'm trying to duplicate the line quality in any given area so in some places the soumac uses a double thread and others just a single.

I'm also using soumac where the green silk delineates the scales on the yellow petal. I like the way the silk shimmers next to the cotton. I can't get a really good shot of just how bright the colours are and how shimmery the silk looks, but under the right lighting it's really sensuous!

And this is the area that I'll be moving on to later today. With tapestry you have to build up certain areas before you can weave others. I couldn't weave the yellow/orange pink area of the petal in the foreground until I had woven up the leaf in the lower left and the green/yellow petal to the right, because this pinkish petal increases to lay over top of the other two areas. So now that I have the scaly green area done I can weave the 2 areas of black line work shading at the left and right and then continue weaving the yellow/pink petal over top of that.

I hope to be back on Sunday to post about how I finally decided to frame my Dimensions entry, and the title that resonates the most for me so far. I find it sooo difficult to give things titles. Submissions are due Tuesday! Time flies!

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*Diagram of soumac was found at:

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