Thursday, 14 April 2011

"Vestige" My Dimensions 2011 Entry!


Explore beauty in asymmetry through a subtle intricacy of texture; Evoke the precious timelessness of handwork.

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to post a couple pictures of "Vestige" and show a bit on how I framed it and packaged it for shipping. I've submitted it and will find out Friday evening if it was one of the 35 selected for Dimensions 2011 or not. There were over 150 submissions--SO MANY absolutely beautiful pieces, and I'm excited just to have been on display in the same room as them even for this brief time. I mean I'm on pins and needles hoping I'll get in, but the competition looks fierce! :)
All of these images should be click-able if anyone wants to see them in a bit more detail.

The frame was made by cutting a rectangular hole out of the center of a 14" x 19" x 3/4" MDF. I Painted it with several coats of white acrylic paint. I know that most gallery walls are white, and I wanted the frame to be unobtrusive. The only time you see it is if you are looking at it from the side.

I ran a strip of sticky-backed, hook side Velcro in white along the top and bottom edge of the frame. The soft side Velcro is hand stitched onto the top and bottom edge on the back of the tapestry. Screwed two little "L" shaped shelving brackets onto the frame for mounting it onto the wall. Included a small bag of extra screws in the packaging.

I stitched on a little handmade canvas tag at the back bottom right, in far in enough that it can be seen even when the tapestry is on the frame. I used a permanent fabric pen to write the title, year and my signature. My signature is also woven into the tapestry but it is super subtle. Too subtle, but I know for next time.

With the packaging I tried my best to make the box as professional and presentable as everything else. I taped a clean sheet of packing paper to the top to hide the few tears that were left when I carefully pried the stickers off the box.

Inside this box was already set up for transporting something breakable! Lucky me!

So I placed the tapestry and frame into a brand new clear plastic bag, and voila!

Here's the latest photos of the rose tapestry after roughly 35 hrs.

Thank you for stopping by!



Anita said...

It's beautiful! My fingers are crossed for you, you certainly deserve it. Good luck!!!

JQ said...

Thanks Anita! <3 Well there were so many deserving candidates, so I won't be too disappointed if I don't make the cut! There's a place set aside on the wall at the top of my staircase for it. :)

Marmalade said...

Good luck! It's absolutely stunning, I love the depth and I wish I could see it not on a computer, 'cuz I know in person it's probably even more fantastic. =D

JQ said...

Oh Thank you marmalade! I'm just waiting to receive the results as I type this. They could call any time! It is true the tapestry is more energizedin person, but I will say that I am very pleased with how my photos turned out. I'm not really adept with my camera but these turned out pretty darn accurate!