Friday, 29 March 2013

Adventures in Crochet

 If you know me you know that I am constantly wishing I had more arms.  Like an octopus.  Or like  two octopuses stuck together.  But not in the Discovery channel way.
Annnnd now that I've ooged you out...

Fall is one of my two top productive time periods because I enjoy giving hand made gifts at Christmas.  This past fall was especially productive because we were living in a temporary home without any internet. So I went crochet crazy! 

 These are coasters I made for my sister in law in her two favorite colours.


Each one was an experiment so that I could learn a new thing, or try combining things.

And the rainbow wiggle crochet coasters were made for my brother. Those are all wiggled differently too, mainly so that I wouldn't get bored.


I thought wiggle crochet would lend itself neatly to a bracelet, so I gave it a try!  This one was a treat for myself and I wear it often.

Hot pads! (are they called trivets?)

These are one of a kind. The backs are crocheted solid, some just one colour and some in a gradient. and the front is made with filet crochet and/or motif that allows the back to be seen.  I really like this idea, and plan to do more.  It's a wonderful way to bust my stash, and keep my distract-y brain from getting bored, because I am changing colours fairly often, and using different motifs every time.  I dye a lot of in between colours myself, which helps me do gradients. Pretty much every time I have a dye bath going I toss in a skein of crochet thread (or six) for fun. 

 I made two sets as well, done with Irish crochet roses at the center. My absolute favorite to do was the rainbow one. For my colour changes I crocheted in all the ends as I went so it wasn't a chore at the end. 

 And lastly, I am currently working on small wiggle crochet table runner/hot pad thingy for myself. I'm using Clea Fiesta for this bad boy.  More rainbow-y goodness!  I confess I am finding it slightly tedious, because it is all double crochet around and around and around... but it's a great take along project, and we do a fair bit of driving.

Thank you very much or stopping by!  
A quick question before I go: Do you have a favorite crafting colour combination or, if it changes like mine, what is your current one?

Happy creating!


Stitches said...

Those are all amazing! I really love the coasters you did for your sil and the iris roses. The Rainbow one is so beautiful I would fram it and put it on my wall!
I really love to use the retro red, blue and pink colours. But I always cahnge. I love bright colour. I just love colour!
I started fallowing you. I really like your blog!

Kara said...

So many fun projects and such great colors too!

JQ said...

Thank you very much! I love red and pink together but I am like you and love ALL THE COLOURS!
Thanks for following! I checked out your site and I love your steampunk witch! Really nice stuff.

@Kara: Many thanks! Glad to participate and see what everyone else is doing!

Soleil said...

Love these graduated hot pads!

Anonymous said...

I love your gradients! Your work is totally fabulous.

I recently inherited an odd crochet trivet made by an unknown ancestor and now you've given me the name for it: wiggle crochet! Is it just a general technique or do you have patterns?