Sunday, 3 March 2013

Navajo Plied Hand Spun Rainbow Leftover Yarn.

I had this idea about taking all these small balls of leftover yarn bits and turning them into an art yarn, but I wasn't sure what kind of result I was going to get, since I don't know very much about the technical side of spinning.  Lately I've just been playing around with some core spinning and spinning with beads and scraps of fabric, and hoping for the best.  I thought I should stop thinking about it and just spin already.  And here it is!  It's glorious and squishy and I HEART IT.  I dub it...

Rainbow Blitz!!!
  Hand spun art yarn using tiny balls of leftover yarn in all different colours, fibers and textures: mostly cotton, rayon, and chenille; as well as some linen and some unknown.

Two-ply. One of those plies consists of all the leftover bits of yarn, Navajo plied together, and the second ply is size 30 mercerized cotton crochet thread in pale blue.

I totally couldn't stop taking pictures.  Managed to pare it down to just 8!



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Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

Hi jacquie, these look great! I am amazed you get so much done with two little guys. I've been trying to use up lots of ends of yarn too, but I'm just knitting with some strands held together to get the right thicknesses,