Thursday, 25 April 2013

4KCBWDAY4 Colour Review


Rainbows in my projects, rainbows in my stash...technicolor daydreams.  It is ALL THE COLOURS up in here.  Check out my groovy duds in the upper right corner.

You might be thinking "uh, peacock?" and colour is definitely where I faltered when picking my house.  But then I thought: colours=flowers=FUN FOR BEES.

I'm really not subtle, especially this past year.  But after searching through all my pictures, I've found that in the last few months I'm shifting towards one colour:

And this is interesting.  My rose tapestry from the last 2 years running:

Basically a cornucopia of colour.

Here's a snippet of the next cartoon:

I am just threading up my loom for this one, but the cartoon has been ready for the past 6 months so It's likely the root of my new fixation. But if you look close, you see that I am not completely forsaking the other colours...

What colours are you coveting lately?

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Pigtails said...

Wow you choose from a huge spectrum of colours and I love it! Seems many of us are going green for some reason. Cheers!

Vera said...

That rose square is stunnning.