Friday, 26 July 2013

July in Review

I have begun a set of small scale tapestry shapes to contribute to this totally awesome international project.

I had a dye day with a new friend, as my way of thanking her for a gift of yarns from her stash that she wanted to go to a good home.  I supplied the dye and process and she brought some cotton (she makes GORGEOUS quilts) She went home with a wide variety of fat quarters and I dyed a few cotton skirts, some cotton chenille, and size 30 crochet thread.

I got my mini cards from MOO. I am SO HAPPY with them.  I got 40 each of ten designs from photos I took of my tapestries.  ALL of them turned out with vivid colour and sharpness and the weight and finish of the stock is gorgeous.  I can't stop touching them. 

oh my yes!

A girlfriend of mine from high school just had her first baby and it's a girl!  I wanted to make her something simple yet unique as a shower gift.   I am so pleased with it I have decided to write out the pattern, and modify it to make pant legs as well. 


I made the  straps adjustable, flipped the long ends up and buttoned them twice to take care of the extra length and I like the way that looks!  It's a very simple pattern and quick to knit so I am going to get that written and make it available free to anyone who wants to try it. 

 The yarn is Eco-fil 75%cotton 25%acrylic (loosely spun) I found at Dollar Tree.  It was super soft (perfect for baby projects) and came in a range of colours not typically found in baby yarn so I stocked up!

In the land of inkle I have been pumping out the yardage to play with this autumn.  I am gong to try to make a vest, some more handbags and decorations, and possibly a hat.  I'm also kicking back into gear making guitar straps because I've had a few inquiries and nudges lately.  :)


This last one is 2.5" wide and 6 feet long.  I am going to weave one more similar one with another band of basketweave pick-up in a different colour and then stitch them together to a fabric base (my favorite technique) and make either a handbag or a vest.

One other announcement I forgot to make here in June was that "Bloom" was awarded the Gale Steck Memorial Award for Excellence in Craft by and Emerging Artist!!  It was an honor to receive this award (my first!) and I must confess it was the final fire under my bottom to get moving on the next big tapestry, which is currently threaded, tensioned, twined, border woven...just waiting for that first commitment of colour.  ;p  

Do you have something cast on, or otherwise begun that you would like to share?  I love discovering new art/craft blogs!  Link me!

Thank you for taking a peek!

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