Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Technical difficulties

Good Morning!

If you participated in the DIY Cardboard Box Inkle Loom Tutorial, I want to thank you very much for your patience between tutorials. I keep thinking things will slow down so I will have more time, but it is becoming clear that this level of busy is the new standard.  It probably won't slow down so I just need to embrace it and get up a little earlier than early.  ;p 

I spent hours filming and editing my very first set of video tutorials, and now they are finished and I am SOOOO excited to share them!! 

Just as soon as they upload..

It turns out the videos are taking much longer to upload than I thought.  I tried re-sizing them but then they look grainy.  The entry is otherwise prepped and waiting for me to plug the videos!  I have my fingers crossed that they will be posted by tomorrow morning.

I learned so much from putting these together!  I hope you guys find them as clear and informative as I tried to make them. 

Thank you again for your patience!
Happy Creating!
The view from my deck!

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