Monday, 2 August 2010

Dye Day!

Greetings Jellybeans!

Today was a total success! I got a bit of creative writing done this morning, and then proceeded to dye a whole slough of colours for my Elevator rug. I even managed to come up with a decent grey scale without separating all my strips into different jars.

I was singing and stirring dye pots all afternoon and it was glorious! There were buckets of wool soaking, and garbage bags laid out over counter tops and floor! Now the kitchen is clean and the wool is all dry and fluffy and ready for the cutter. I just can't wait to get started!

There's a shot of some of the turquoise I dyed today, though not much of it will wind up in this rug. Some of the paler stuff will.


The next post will have photos of the rug in progress!
Have a fantastic week everybody!
Hearts off the charts,


PS: Many thanks go out to Rita, Gloria, and the rest of the rug hooking gang, for helping me out so much by providing me with the necessary knowledge, tools and encouragement!



Lime said...

wahaa i's on yur blog leavin comments

so many pretty pieces of colors :)

Lisa said...

Your new designs look amazing! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Just wondering, are these kind of hooked rugs actually used as rugs or hung on walls. They're so beautiful, I can hardly imagine laying them on the fllor.

JQ said...

They are totally functional if you use a good backing and 100% wool. But the ones I am working on are wall hangings. For EXACTLY the reason you spoke of. :)

Thanks to both of you for commenting! I'll be sure to post updates of my progress.