Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Indigo Dye Day

Hello Jellos!

I participated in an indigo dye day with a few other ladies from the local weaver's guild on Sunday and these are the results!

The center skein is what the natural colour of the hand-spun alpaca yarn (my old buddy Airo) was when I started. The skein to the left is after three dips, and the skein to the right is four dips.

A closer look:

The center skein hasn't been washed/set yet and has been in storage so that's why it looks a bit crimped. Here's a shot of just the two indigo skeins:

I dyed a few skeins of crochet thread I had kicking around waiting for some colour. These will be used for inkles of course!

I had spun a chunky looking sample of angora bunny fluff awhile back so I thought I'd throw that in as well. It will have to serve as a super soft blue accent on something, because there isn't very much of it!

I have been dying a bunch of the lopi wool I had in bags in the basement and have a few skeins drying int he basement overnight. I'll try to be back in the next few days to post those results!
Happy September everyone!


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