Saturday, 17 March 2012

Celtic Braid Inkle

I finally finished this! I often find pick-up and overshot patterns too tedious and still love the act of plain-jane tabby the best...but IT'S SO PRETTY.

I hand dyed the dishcloth cotton that was used for the pattern threads with short colour changes, using those sponge brushes. Then I lined up the colours as best I could on my inkle loom. There is always a little ikat-like push and pull because of the way the string heddles influence the yarn. On a separate note, I've found that if I do horizontal bar pattern using variegated for one stripe and solid for the other I get a comparatively smooth-looking transition. So if you have a pick-up pattern that calls for the horizontal bar structure as a base, variegated can be ultra sharp.

If anyone is curious about my technique for hand painting my cotton for inkles, just buzz me a note and I will set up a little picture tutorial!

I've been busy prepping for a weekend workshop on basic inkle weaving. It's going to be so much fun! I love teaching, and sharing in creativity with other people! I hope one day soon to have a large studio space on an acreage outside the city, where I can host retreats for all kinds of wonderful fiber related adventures. It's been my dream since I graduated from ACAD, and it might be within my reach sooner than I ever imagined!

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! Are you celebrating St patty's tonight? If so, please have a green beer or an Irish Car Bomb for me! I'm going to have to settle for some green candies or perhaps do some rolled dough clover cookies! At least the morning sickness is passing! :)

Happy creating!



Anita said...

The finished product is just beautiful.
Ok, just to make sure I didn't miss something before, I read back posts to see if you made some kind of announcement prior to now and didn't see anything. So, congratulations are in order I take it?

JQ said...

Haha! Thank you! No I don't think I mentioned it before this here, but have mentioned it on my nail blog and must have forgotten. :)

I've been having trouble getting much work done between the morning sickness and the feeling of exhaustion I had for the first 3 months, but I think my energy levels back to normal.


I've just started inkle weaving.. would you be willing to share the pattern for this? It's beautiful.

Jenny Bellairs said...

I can see by some of your photos that we share a love of bold color. This is a beautiful pick-up band. I love the use of the variegated yarn. I agree with you that it is too time consuming. It could probably be set up as a card weaving pattern and be faster.

AutiBot Designs said...

I would kove pattern too