Thursday, 9 August 2007

My fibre crush...

...Hello my name is JacQueline...and I'm a fibre junkie.

In August 2000 I headed off to my first year at ACAD in Calgary intending to start my BFA with a major in drawing...and then I took one teeny tiny elective in the fibre department and GOT HOOKED.

By second year I had transferred departments and was eagerly learning about dyes, surface design, and embellishment, paper making, and weaving, and anything else I could get my hands on! By my graduating year I was concentrating on creating tapestries, while still dabbling in the dye studio.

I moved out into rural Saskatchewan with my husband a year after graduation in 2006 and bought four pretty Alpacas (the photo above is of MacFluff and Airo) to start my fibre supply and am eagerly expecting the arrival of my first spinning wheel at the end of this month!

For these first few years I plan to involve myself in every single process from breeding and raising the animals, shearing them, and sorting the fleece to spinning and dyeing and eventually weaving or knitting up the finished product. I am a process girl. The more obsessive the project the better!

Anyhow I'll post more on specifics a bit later on.

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