Monday, 13 August 2007

Tapestry Madness!

Ahhhh Tapestry! How I love thee!

Sorry everyone! That's not a very ideal backdrop but alas! I had no black velvet lying about to set these against. In my last few years at the college I went tapestry crazy. Above is my first large tapestry (I say large and really mean about 18" x 18") I made this as a final project in my intro to tapestry course, along with the two minis you see below...

Raven is a little misshapen, but seeing as he was my VERY first attempt I still love him. I love the image so much I am thinking of doing a very similar one for a handbag design. Both Raven and the one below are only about 6"x 6".

Second tapestry attempt ever. This was supposed to be a landscape reflected in water:

The frog prince. This and the following three are from the first semester of my Grad year. These were mainly me just flexing my tapestry fingers before tackling the Grad work:

Arachne. :) I had to do it :


The Fox and the Grapes:

As for the actual grad work my parents absconded with them! I will take some digital photos while home for the holidays and post them later on. In the meantime I am just finishing up ten crafty little handbags with Inkle trim for the upcoming Blueberry festival and will post pictures of them pronto! Now onwards to present endeavors!



Sarah Kimberly said...

I love them all so much. I would love to learn how to do this. I would love to have a loom upon which I could terach myself to do this....

JQ said...

I will show you bella! And we can build a little loom out of just about anything. I have a printout on how to build a portable lightweight tapestry loom out of Pvc pipe:)

Sarah Kimberly said...


JQ said...

I just had a mental image of you whipping a tapestry loom out at Denny's and being THE CENTER OF ATTENTION by everyone all night long. :P

Sarah Kimberly said...

Except that I already am the centre of attention because I am Teh Awesomesauce. :P