Friday, 17 August 2007

Ta-dah! I Finished off the first ten purses. The colors in this photo are as accurate as I could manage with my limited editing skills. It's the finishing work that kills me every time. I despise any end-tucking, decorative-bobble-making, twisty fringing etc and it takes me along while to work up the nerve to spend my whole day finishing what I started. This is one reason why I am so excited to have this blog because I feel a bit more accountable and it keeps me motivated.

I AM NOT and expert seamstress by any means and this was a total learning experience for me.
But I do feel better about them now that they are all spruced up with tassels and frogs. I feel like I would consider purchasing one at a fair which as a big leap from how I felt at the beginning, staring down at my first attempt. :P

Here are a few images of purses and detail work There is a bit of puckering where I hand stitched on the frogs but over all I am decidedly relieved at the turn out:


Sorry the details are a bit fuzzy...

Okay, well that's a start anyways. I'll try and make sure my next images are a bit smaller and clearrer. :)
And now off to finish as many popcorn toques as humanly possible in a day. See you soon!
<3 JQ


Sarah Kimberly said...

Did you twist the cording for the frogs by hand? Because its no wonder taht your fingers are so sore if you did.

I love them all! And the detail on the frogs is great, they're beautiful. If we didn't already have a couple of ladies selling consignment purses at work, I would see about getting some of yours in there....

JQ said...

Well thanks for the thought!

And yes I did twist all the cord fro the frogs and straps myself. But it was so worth it in the end. I got a bit experimental with the frogs. (macrame?)

Sarah Kimberly said...

macrame is nifty!

JQ said...

Yes after this project I have a newfound respect for macrame. I had always thought of it as "that craft where you make plant hangers with fentex". :P