Sunday, 19 August 2007


Hello all! Just thought I'd leave a picture of the "popcorn hat" I've been mentioning. This is the first one I ever made and like a silly monkey I never wrote down the pattern. I had to re-make the hat, comparing it to the original as I went to get the exact increasing pattern I start at the tip of the hat and work down. Folks really seem to like this hat and It's one of my favorites too, so I thought I'd bust out a couple more for the fair. So far I have a burgundy variegated, teal variegated, black and grey variegated, baby lime green solid, and bubblegum pink solid almost completed. Just the ear flaps and tassels to go. I will post those pics ASAP.

Today it's time to make ten more purses. I aspire to get ALL of them sewn to the point where I just need to add tassels/frogs, and straps. I have them all cut out and ready to go so I don't think I'm being too deluded. :P

I suspect I'll be pulling a couple all nighters before the fair because once I get the 20 purses I had HOPED to accomplish done I will switch into "just a few more" mode until the last bitter second.



Sarah Kimberly said...

I envy your motivation.

JQ said...

Me too.
I got ten purses sewn. YAY ME!

I am so tired!