Thursday, 22 November 2007

Welcome to the warp zone...

Three cheers! I did in fact remember to take my camera with me to last night's inkle weaving workshop! Here are a few action shots!

Alicia is using the card weaving technique we taught ourselves a month or so prior to the workshop in combination with the inkle loom, and has a bunch of 12 card patterns drafted so she can make shoe laces!

It seems like the majority of the folks in the workshop would like to try and make a guitar strap , and there have been a few other project ideas, like Christmas tree garlands, baggage tags, and curtain ties so hopefully by the end we'll have some pictures of finished projects to show off!

Ciao for now!


Sarah Kimberly said...

I wanna join your workshop.

Actually, I wanna have an inkle loom that isn't sucktacular. And I want to do cardweaving on it, even though the cards are a bitch to warp.

I am very excited about shoe laces :)

JQ said...

I wish you could be here for the workshops...but yeah you know a lot of what I am teaching already.
I will have to see about bringing you a loom. :P