Tuesday, 18 September 2007

A Fluffy Addition!

Everyone...meet Chantal. A Hembra after my own heart, she's a little tubby around the midsection, but over all super pretty and makes a LOT of fibre annually. 13 lbs they said. Her fibre is very soft and crimpy.
This is her tail. It is super fluffy. :)

And this is Chantal saying hello to one of the crias (baby pacas). Apparently she likes to play auntie to all the little'ns.And since I am on the alpaca pics, I posted a few of the Macho that bred Honey this past summer. His name is Choco. This first pic shows his coloring:

And here's choco's profile.
This is one of honey's surviving crias. Honey doesn't make enough milk, and thus some of her past crias haven't made it, so I have to bottle feed next summer, but I am okay with that. :) I'll be watching like a hawk and doing everything I can to ensure the little one survives. Anyways I wanted to put up a picture so everyone has an idea of the pretty babies she makes. This one is a year or two old. All the massive fluff around the eyes is a sign of a good fibre animal.

As for the "goaterrific" entry, I wish I had taken pictures of that silly billy to post here but alas! So I will just say that he won me over in an instant and spent the afternoon following me around chewing on my purse tassels. It was awesome!

I recently went to visit a flock of Merinos as well as the aforementioned Dorsets and Border Leichesters. We are seriously considering purchasing three pregnant Merino ewes, for a grand total of 9 sheep once they are all born. But this is still in the works so i will post later when I have some fantastic photos to share.

So anyone who pops in here is likely wondering about the products. Probably curious as to when I'll start making entries about the things I am making! Sorry guys, believe it or not I have been very busy making stuff, and plan to post a few entries with product soon!

Coming up: I would Dye for you!

Cheers n beers!


Sarah Kimberly said...

So the cria there, that is not one of yours, right? That's just to give an idea of crias in general?

The plan, I'm guessing is to have a sort of chocolatey cria?

And yay for Chantal, she's very pretty. I like me some almoocas.

Also! Sheep! Neat! That's exciting. I'm sure I'll know if and when you opt to go through with that.

Any more thought to the beeses?

Also. I'm considering joining the local arts and crafts club. In addition to learning pottery [members get discounts on the classes they offer] which has me pretty excited, they have weaving and the like there too. I think I could have fun and learn a lot there.

w00t for almoocas!

JQ said...

No we don't have as cria yet this is just to show.

And yes a cocoa puff would be nice but it's not very predictable I hear.

She is sooo pretty I can't wait till you can come out and visit them and me.

I will let you know about the sheep one way or the other.

We are getting bees this week, and getting them ready for winter. I will post an entry to do with bees in the summer nest year.

And sure why don't you? That would be a fun place to learn and make creative crafty friends. And then when I come we can go together! I will bring my spindles so we can play.


Sarah Kimberly said...

I'll have to save up for the membership - its only sixty dollars for a year, but I want to do pottery stuff too, so I will have to take a class before joining, and that costs 130. :( But I will be keeping it in mind.

I can't wait until I can come visit you either. I wish I could just go now.