Thursday, 6 September 2007

My Head is Spinning!

Hello everyone! Sorry it's been a few days but I have been having all sorts of excitement here. I got spoiled rotten the last few days and am now the proud owner of what looks like an Ashford Traditional unfinished spinning wheel, one spool rack, two low whorl drop spindles and another set of carding paddles. YAHOO! Here are a few pictures of my loot!

The spinning wheel:

Another view:
The front drop spindle is Leclerc. I purchased it new at a yarn shop just the day before the bucket of goodies arrived from my friend Dorothy's daughter in Saskatoon. I guess she figured she'd throw the extra spindle and carders in with the wheel:

The carders still have wool bits in them but that's easy to fix. And I am happy to report that these newer ones don't have all that green tarnishing around the bases of the teeth so my wool won't get dirty!
This is what the teeth look like:Anyways, I am off to ginish knitting a bunch of baby sets, and I just received a commission to do four purses for a friend of a friend so I should get cracking!

Still to come: A furry addition, Boreal Jam on Rye, and My visit to see Dorset and Border Leichester sheep-- Goateriffic!

Cheers n Beers!

OH PS! I ordered five different colors of Reactive MX dye from opulence the other day and expect them by the beginning of next week sometime! YAHOO!


Sarah Kimberly said...

I wanna come see you so I can learn how all this neat looking stuff works!

Sarah Kimberly said...


And also so, you know, I can see you and stuff.

JQ said...

The spinning is soooo meditative. I can see you toting a drop spindle to the sca events. Totally.

I would be soo happy if you could come visit me sometime next year. We would have such a blast with all this fibre stuff. I even kept my silkscreens so we could finally do some tees.

Sarah Kimberly said...

Well, mayhaps I'll see about taking like. A month in August or something. Clinton and then seeing you...

Well, I could probably swing two weeks. It would require much with the savings.... But it woould be pretty cool, methinks. [Not promising yet]